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What are Chibi Shinobis?What are Chibi Shinobis?

Chibi Shinobis is the quirkiest collection of 8,888 ninja NFTs stored on the Solana blockchain that grant holders exclusive benefits and perks within our anime-loving community. Chibi Shinobis will cost 0.88 SOL at mint.

Every Chibi Shinobi is unique and has its own personality — some look like OP shinobi gods, some look like hypebeasts, but all pay homage to our favorite animes, mangas, and pop culture. Seriously, our special algorithm produced over 1.8 quadrillion possible options (yes, quadrillion is a real number. It's got this many zeroes: 000000000000000). There's a Chibi Shinobi for everyone!

That being said, you DO NOT need to own a Chibi Shinobi NFT or be an anime know-it-all to be a part of the community. Join our discord server and see for yourself!

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A koi fish illustration
A koi fish illustration

The CommunityThe Community

Our community is made up of anime and manga fans, from the total weebs to the uninitiated dipping their toes for the first time. In the end, Chibi Shinobis is much more than just an NFT: it's a group of friends.

We are...We are...

A Chibi Shinobi head


We lose our minds together over insane fight scenes 🤯, theorize what's gonna happen next 🤔, and cry over unexpected betrayals and deaths 😭. Geeking out is in the blood that sprays out of our noses.

A Chibi Shinobi head

Fun and Inclusive

Come join our streaming parties, coworking sessions, and acclaimed counting channel! (Don't know what "counting" is? Don't miss out 😉. Remember: you don't need to be an NFT holder to be a part of the community.

A Chibi Shinobi head


We put faces to our names and follow through on what we say because unlike other projects, Chibi Shinobis is in it for the long term. 🔥 Dattebayo! 🔥

A chibi sinobi
A chibi sinobi

Why get a Chibi Shinobi?Why get a Chibi Shinobi?

Anime brings us together, but the relationships are what makes us stay and grow. Owning a Chibi Shinobi grants you access to not only exclusive channels, in-person events, and winning cool sh*t, but also to the conversations, resources, and people that go beyond anime.

NFT Developer Resources

NFT developer resources. Got a project idea or want to break into the blockchain space? Our community has crazy smart engineers in the crypto space who are friendly and love helping others. One of our founders who freakin' coded the whole project is well-versed in the NFT space and loves teaching people.

Professional Network

We get that not everyone's an engineer. Our community is also made up of talented individuals working across finance, art, content creation, science, law, etc. So whatever your professional goals, someone's got you.

Deeper Community

We're all into anime, but we're also cooks, athletes, parents, travel bugs, and much more. Owning a Chibi Shinobi NFT gets you access to the conversations and experiences happening outside of anime.

Cool $h!t

Prepare your body for exclusive merch, parties, and giveaways that we're cooking up only available to Chibi Shinobi holders.

The Chibi YonninsThe Chibi Yonnins

A Chibi Shinobi head



The brains behind the tech. This bald boy goes crazy over Bunny Senpai.

A Chibi Shinobi head



So quick to creating art you would think she was doing a jutsu. Currently binging Naruto but low key just simps for Gojo.

A Chibi Shinobi head



Broke his back creating the art. Doesn't even know what Demon Slayer is smh.

A Chibi Shinobi head



The Discord God who built our community. Even the Titans couldn't break our server.

Come for the anime, stay for the people

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